While WorkflowFirst provides an end-to-end development system that does not require any third-party tools to create sophisticated applications, it's sometimes desirable to take advantage of the wealth of tools and utilities provided by other systems, libraries and platforms. 

WorkflowFirst provides a variety of means to integrate with third-party systems. The most comprehensive of these is the .Net SDK, but there are also APIs built-in that allow access to your WorkflowFirst applications using Microsoft Excel, XML, Javascript's JSON format, iCal calendar and RSS feeds. 

These programming interfaces enable such things as:

  • Easily creating business logic in different languages and platforms. 

  • Integrating WorkflowFirst applications with other systems, including: 

  • Displaying application data in spreadsheets 
  • Invoking actions in applications when events occur in other systems. 
  • Invoking actions in other systems when something occurs in a WorkflowFirst application. 
  • Synchronizing data between two systems. 

Beyond integrating other programming languages, you can also bring the rich functionality of WorkflowFirst to other platforms. The extensive JSON API allows web pages to be created that utilize WorkflowFirst as a back-end server. You can also embed the user interface for forms, records and lists right into other web pages, in order to create task-specific, customer-facing web sites.

These will be discussed in this section.

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