WorkflowFirst is a revolutionary new way to create web-based software applications.

 You can jump right in and create a workflow application using the workflow designer - go to the Workflow Quick Start section, or watch our tutorial videos, otherwise keep reading to learn more about how WorkflowFirst differs to other workflow products.

Focusing instead on how users (especially business analysts) think about their problems, WorkflowFirst makes creating applications both rapid and natural.

Firstly WorkflowFirst emphasizes workflow. You can define your business processes using the graphical workflow editor, or by listing form routes, and WorkflowFirst will create the database model and the form design and even some reports for you – without any designing or programming at all.

You don't even have to worry about designing the way the application looks: all of the application layout is constructed for you. Of course you can override and customize any part of it, but by having WorkflowFirst generate the user interface for you, you save a significant amount of time letting you concentrate on what's really important in the application.

The second major difference is its use of a hierarchy to define the data that goes into the application. Most database systems require the design of tables and complex joins and programming, but WorkflowFirst requires none of this: applications can be created quickly using a simple point-and-click interface that reflects how most people think about their data. Because of this, WorkflowFirst better understands your data and can then add sophisticated functionality that would otherwise take months to develop, with just a simple click. This hierarchical approach to creating data models has come to be known as the NoSQL movement, and because of its inherent performance and scalability, NoSQL is the cornerstone of modern web system development, and emerging as a powerful tool in developing business applications.

WorkflowFirst comes in three editions. WorkflowFirst Cloud is our hosted system that can be used from anywhere. WorkflowFirst Express uses a desktop database to let users get started with WorkflowFirst immediately, without any kind of server. WorkflowFirst Professional utilizes SQL Server for large-scale application development.

Each of these editions allow you to leverage your knowledge of WorkflowFirst to create a wide range of different applications.

If you want to skip the introduction and jump right in, then go to Installation , on installing WorkflowFirst. If you want more information on how precisely it's different to other systems, then browse through the next few sections explaining the background to WorkflowFirst, its concepts and capabilities. 

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