Emailing Page Links

Because all records in a WorkflowFirst application have a unique web address (URL), it's quite easy to simply copy-and-paste this URL into an email to send to another user to bring it to their attention. These URLs contain enough information to get to that record, and it will always be accessible so long as the record exists in the database.

When sending these links, some consideration should be given as to whether the recipient will have sufficient privileges to access the record. When the recipient receives the email and clicks on the link, they may be asked to first login to the system. After they login they will be taken to the page in the link.

However, if the user does not have access to view that record, they will get an error displayed such as 'Access Denied'.

Any other restrictions placed upon them, such as their ability to modify, create or delete records, will also be applied once they login. Suffice to say: don't expect the recipient's experience to precisely match your own.

There are two other ways to access data:

goto.aspx: If you know an XPath to a specific record, you can use the goto.aspx page with the path parameter to jump straight to the page for that path.

getfile.aspx: You can also email links to a file attachment in your application. The URL format is getfile.aspx?path=xpath&field=fieldname, where xpath is the xpath to the record and fieldname is the field containing the file attachment. If you want to be able to access a file without the user being logged in, if you set the Advanced / Allow Public File Access to Yes, then you can use the pubgetfile.aspx URL to access the file, and it will be retrieved without first having to log in.

An easy way to get a short link to a page is to use the QR code icon at the top right corner of the page.

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