Change Management


The new Change Management feature of WorkflowFirst lets you easily control who is authorized to make or approve changes to a specific area of your application.

When Change Management is enabled (under Features), a specific role is designated to be the authorizing agent for any changes that are made. If a user then tries to change that record, instead of the change applying immediately it will be stored in a special review queue as a request, and that request will be assigned to the authorizing agent for approval. If they approve it, then the changes will be applied. Alternatively they can reject it (with an explanation) or query the originator for clarification on the change.

The Change Management feature also enables something called "tombstoning". This is where permanent deleting of records is disabled, and instead an attempt to delete a record simply marks it as inactive and grays it out. This is important in systems where record keeping is a priority.

Once Change Management is used, you'll also notice that there is now a full history of changes made to that record, along with notes from the user as to why the changes were made. This can be used from scripting or reporting, for example, to get values on a particular date - useful for auditing purposes.