Setting Up Multi-Tenancy

Enabling multi-tenancy in your WorkflowFirst application couldn't be simpler: Just go to edit the application settings, and change Multi-Tenancy to Yes.

Then publish. It seems simple, but behind the scenes this enables a lot of functionality.

Once published, in your application (logged on as administrator) go to the Configuration tab and you should see a drilldown called "Org Units". In there you can add your organizational units - for example companies, departments, groups and teams, in a hierarchy.

In some cases you may already have this data in a list somewhere else - in this case you may want to consider using scripting to synchronize that list with your Org Units list. For more information please look through the DbfScript Reference guide.

Once you've set up your Org Units, you'll then want to subscribe your users to the org units that relate to them. It's important to set this up so that any entries those users create will be assigned the correct org unit.

You'll notice that the New User action now has an area to specify this, but for existing users you'll just need to edit the user and go to the drilldown called "Subscribed Org Units". There you can add one or more Org units that will interest them.

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