Reminders & Snoozing Workflow

When workflow is assigned to you, you can either act on the workflow straightaway, or you may decide to work on it later. Perhaps, for example, you need to ask someone about the item and they're away until the next week.

While you can just leave the workflow assigned to you, it may sometimes be useful to "snooze" the workflow so you will be reminded at a later date. To do this you can use a feature of WorkflowFirst called Workflow Reminders.

Any assignable record can be set up with a reminder. To do this, just go to What's Next and select "Remind Me Later":

This will bring up a form where you can enter in the details of the reminder:

Here you can select either a specific user, or a role, to assign the workflow to on the specified date. You can also specify a note, which will be added to the assignment when the date comes about.

Once the reminder is set up, the assignment is temporarily removed from the item - so any workflow buttons will disappear from that record. Instead you'll see the reminder on the calendar on the Home tab dashboard:

Now as soon as the date comes to pass, WorkflowFirst will automatically re-assign it to the user or role that you specified, sending that user or role an email telling them about the assignment.

If they still don't want to work on it, they can snooze it once again to a later date.

Reminders aren't just reserved for workflow - it'll also work on any record that is enabled for assignment.

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