Creating Reports

Workflow provides a great way to collect and process information - but more often than not you'll want to analyze that data at some point, and this is where reports come in.

In the application itself, when you're on the tab where the data is, you can always use the Reports / Export to Spreadsheet option to immediately transfer the data you see to a spreadsheet like Excel, where you can sort and filter the data as required.

But you can also create custom reports that generate in PDF very easily.

Let's go through an example.

First, make sure you're in WorkflowFirst Designer, on the tab where the form is defined.

Next click What's Next / Create Report.

This will bring up a form like this:

Enter in the name of the report, eg. "All Vacation Requests" and click OK. This will create the initial empty report configuration, and give you a link to click to take you to that configuration area where you'll add fields to the report.

Click the ellipses button ("...") to select a field to add, then click "Add" to add it to the list. Repeat that for each field you want in your report.

When you're done adding your fields, publish your application. In the published application, if you go to the Reports button you'll see your report in the list. Run that and it will generate the PDF of your report.

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