Adding Your First Stage

Watch a tutorial on creating workflow stages here!

The first stage of the workflow is the button that starts off the workflow. That means it'll usually be a request of some kind, where the end-user will enter in all the details of their request. We typically refer to the first stage as the entry stage or entry button.

To add your first stage, hover your cursor over the Workflow box in the flowchart diagram, and select the 'Add Entry Button' button::

Note: If you've already added some fields to your form, you can add all the fields from your form to your first workflow stage by clicking the "Add All Fields to Initial Stage" button.

This will bring up a new stage form for you to fill out:

Here you can just put in the name of the option (or the first stage). This will show up as a button for the user to click.

In the Role field you can put in the name of the type of user who will be entering this in. For example, we can put "Employee" if any employee will be entering the request, or "Manager" if only a manager can run the action.

Here's a more detailed list of the fields that can be filled out:

Stage Title

The title of the stage is used to title the action button. It must be unique, because it also signifies the unique stage of the workflow in the workflow state field.


An optional security role to associate with this workflow stage. If this is entered, only users with this role will be able to see the action buttons related to stages underneath this workflow.


Indicates if this stage will be presented as an action button. Sometimes visual hints can be created in the workflow, and these would not be presented as buttons.

Underneath this is an option to add an input field. This is where you specify the fields to collect in this workflow stage. These fields go together to create a form for the action. We'll touch on this topic in the next section.

There are also additional settings in "Other Settings".


A DbfScript expression that will be used to determine whether this stage will be selected. If multiple stages evaluate to true, then the last stage will be selected.


The description of the stage. This is used for reference purposes and isn't displayed to the user.

Then Run This Stage

Optional. If you wish this stage to jump to another stage on completion, then select the stage to jump to here.


An optional icon for this stage, that will be displayed in the task name and action buttons.


An optional color to use for showing records at this stage in the workflow.All records at this stage will be colored using the specified foreground color.

Next we'll specify the input fields.

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