Creating a New Application

If you're starting a new workflow application, click the 'Create Application' button:

You can name your application anything you like, but try to keep it short - just a couple of words. An example would be "ACME Manager", if your company name was ACME. Think about the fact you may be managing multiple different things - so even if you want to create a workflow for expense forms, try not to just call it "Expense Forms" - make it broader than that so you have space to add new forms without making it confusing for users.

Once created, it will take you straight to the application configuration record of your new web app:

But right now it's empty, so first we'll need to add an application tab. This also adds a form. To do this click the 'New Application Tab' button. Just call it the name of the request, for example "Vacation Requests". It'll be the tab that shows the list of requests.

For versions prior to v3.6, once you create the application tab it'll take you directly to that tab or form configuration. This is where you'll be adding the fields and workflow that show up in that tab.

If you have v3.6 or later, it will now take you directly to the workflow designer where you can add your first stage. Click here to continue.

If you want to add workflow to an existing tab, just select the tab you created previously. Otherwise, next we'll move on to adding workflow.

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