WorkflowFirst goes to great lengths to make business applications accessible to all, regardless of any impairment or disability.

In addition to making business applications available anywhere by being easily accessible through a web-browser from any device, WorkflowFirst applications make full use of ARIA support to enable simple integration of browsers with screen reader and other assistive technology, commonly available for major web browsers, and used to aid in navigating and using applications for people with special accessibility requirements.

Accessibility isn't just to help people with disabilities, it also makes applications more convenient, and its users more productive, in a broad range of circumstances. For example high-contrast mode (that helps people with visual impairments use an application) can also be useful when working with an application at night time or in low light conditions. WorkflowFirst provides a keyboard interface to all critical functionality of the application, which is often more convenient and productive than switching between the mouse and keyboard. In addition WorkflowFirst provides many other ways to make accessing particular forms more convenient, such as shortcut URLs to every single screen or form, support for a smartphone-optimized interface, QR code shortcuts and NFC tags that can bring up forms with a simple tap of your device.

The latest version of WorkflowFirst has many improvements to accessibility such as those listed above. But we're not done yet: we're also testing a kiosk interface and a chatbot interface for the next version of WorkflowFirst that makes form entry extremely simple and accessible to an even broader range of users. For more information about beta testing this new technology, please contact us.

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

The purpose of the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or VPAT, is to assist Federal contracting officials and other buyers in making preliminary assessments regarding the availability of commercial “Electronic and Information Technology” products and services with features that support accessibility.

Click here to download the completed VPAT template.

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