Setting Up The Email Server

WorkflowFirst uses email for communications such as notification of new requests, approvals or rejections. When you download and install WorkflowFirst and start using it, it will need to know which server to use to send those emails. Typically your company or ISP will provide what's called an SMTP server that you can use to send email. You may also want to use a commercial email service like GMail.

You enter the SMTP server name in the Configuration tab of your application, along with the "from email address", which is the address it will send the email from, and where any responses to the email will go to.

There are two types of SMTP server. Unsecure email servers typically use port 25, which is the default. But they can also use something called SSL or TLS, which uses a different port (usually 587). To use a different port, you put a colon and the port number after the server name. If it uses security, then you should also add :tls after the port number.

For GMail, for instance, TLS and authentication are required, so the server would be:

The username and password would be your GMail email address and password respectively. Note, though, that Google requires you have a secure password (with a digit and symbol) - if you don't then it will refuse to authenticate you.

If you're still having trouble setting up your email server, then please contact support for assistance.

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