Installing a Hotfix

When a new version or patch is released, or WorkflowFirst provide you with a special fix, you may need to install something called a 'hotfix'. Once installed the version should be tested comprehensively before being released to end users. There are a couple of ways to install a hotfix. 

WorkflowFirst Launcher

If you are using WorkflowFirst Launcher (formerly OfficeSuite), then to install a hotfix, go to the WorkflowFirst Launcher application, and then to the Tools menu and select "Get Hot Fix...".

This will provide a prompt for you to enter the hotfix ID that RiaForm provided you. Enter this in. Then the update will be installed and you will be asked to restart the application. Once it is restarted your hotfix will be installed. 

Cloud / Hosted and Professional Edition

If you are using WorkflowFirst Professional (on IIS) or Hosted Edition, you will instead go to WorkflowFirst Designer, go to Admin Tools (top-right corner), then expand Features and click on System Update. This will show a window like this:

Then click the HotFix button, enter in the name of the hotfix and click OK. You will be given a warning and then you can proceed. It will then download, unzip and install the hotfix for you.

After the hotfix is installed, republish your application to apply the hotfix to your actual application.

The third option is to install the hotfix manually. Hotfixes are zip files, and can be accessed at - where xxx is the name of the hotfix. This will give you a zip file with a number of files and an Apps folder. Copy the folders in the Apps folder into the Apps folder where your WorkflowFirst applications reside. Then copy the files at the top level of the zip file into the WorkflowFirstPro\bin folder. Then republish your application.

Note: Please backup your work (folders and the database) before installing any hotfix so you can easily revert in case anything goes wrong.

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