There are three editions of WorkflowFirst, each of which focuses on specific types of applications.


The Express edition uses a SQL Compact database, which is a simple database that runs without a separate database server. It's the easiest way to get started using WorkflowFirst.


The Professional edition can be installed on a private network, or used through our cloud service.

The Professional edition of WorkflowFirst utilizes Microsoft SQL Server, which is a server-based database for projects that require larger amounts of data. Alternatively you can also use MongoDB. The professional edition also enables WorkflowFirst to easily be used with Microsoft IIS as the web server, and offers features such as Active Directory integration (private install only) and custom authentication.

WorkflowFirst Hosted Edition

The Hosted edition of WorkflowFirst provides the functionality of a cloud service but as a private install that you can use to provide totally separate WorkflowFirst accounts to your clients. This can be useful for organizations such as technical solutions providers. It allows your customers to have their own WorkflowFirst system, including access to Designer, but hosted on your own servers and completely under your control.

For more information to help you decide which of these editions to use, please refer to the section on choosing a data store.

For our partners who wish to provide the WorkflowFirst platform to their customers through a hosting service, please contact us for more information.

For information on pricing, please see the section on licensing.

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