Image Manipulation Functions

String image:OCR(FileData file)
Runs an OCR on the given image held in the file. Requires OCR extensions to be installed on the server.

FileData image:OCRPreprocess(FileData file)
Performs OCR preprocessing (contrast adjustment and cropping), and returns a new image suitable for running OCR. Experimental.

Record image:GetInfo(FileData file)
Returns information about an image file, including the dimensions and luminance.

FileData image:ExtractImage(FileData file, Number x1, Number y1, Number x2, Number y2)
Extracts a sub-image from the given image, with the specified coordinates.

FileData image:CropImage(FileData file, Number dwidth, Number dheight, Boolean center)
Crops the given image to the specified dimensions.

FileData image:CropToEdges(FileData file)
Crops the given image to the detected edges. Experimental.

FileData image:OverlayImages(FileData file1, FileData file2)
Combines two images, presuming the second image contains an alpha (transparency) channel.

FileData image:ResizeImage(FileData file, Number dwidth, Number dheight)
Resizes the given image to the specified dimensions.

List FindAllImages(Path cpath)
Returns a list of paths of all images that are held under records under the given path.

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