A variable is a temporary storage for one bit of information. All variables have names. In DbfScript variable names are always prefixed with a pound symbol (#) for records or simple bits of information, or ampersand (&) for paths that point to information.

var #variable = value

Declares a new variable. All record or value variables must start with a pound (#) symbol. All path variables must start with an ampersand (&). Variables can be declared twice, but cannot be used until declared. An initial value for the variable should be defined.

set #variable = value

Sets a new value to an existing variable.


If #variable is a record, lets you access child records using path notation.

If a part of the path refers to a field containing a foreign link (see Links ), the referenced record is automatically retrieved from the database, and subsequent fields will access values in that record.


Allows access to any path in the database, from the root path.


A predicate on the path is surrounded by square brackets. The predicate specifies a filter in the path, which may be used when loading data from the database.


If #var is a variable that contains a list, then this expression evaluates to a subsection of the list that match the given predicate (field is value).

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