Please note: This feature is only available in the Professional Edition of WorkflowFirst.

With an increasingly globalized economy, it's no longer possible to guarantee that any one software application will be needed in purely one language, or in one part of the world. A big part of usability and user-reach is to have that application display screens, reports, navigation links and error messages in the language with which the user is most familiar.

Luckily WorkflowFirst provides extensive support for providing an application in multiple languages, known as localizing the application, and supports multiple timezones.

WorkflowFirst's localization features are innovative and extremely quick and simple to configure and use.

Unlike other applications, WorkflowFirst applications allow you to switch language on the fly from any screen, without having to restart the application.

Once the languages are entered into the system, links are automatically displayed at the top of the application for switching the language. These links can be clicked on from any screen and the entire screen switches language on the fly.

Note that not only the terms change, but also any cultural, locale-specific conventions are also adopted. For example, number formats may change and dates will be displayed in a format that is normal in that culture.

Also, if the user is in a different timezone to the server, it will automatically show times in the user's local timezone, and let them enter in local times that can then be displayed to other users in their own local timezones. This happens transparently to the user.

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