Creating An Application Data Model

The 'Create Application' Action

WorkflowFirst allows for an unlimited number of applications to be created. Each application that is created is displayed as an entry on the main page of WorkflowFirst.

Creating a new application is a simple process. To begin with, click the Create Application button, which will be available from anywhere in WorkflowFirst.

This should show the following entry form:

The name of the application should be short, preferably less than 30 characters long.

Once you're done entering in these fields, click the OK button to let WorkflowFirst set up the application.

Your newly created application should look similar to the screen below. Right now it's pretty empty, but you can preview what your new application will look like by clicking on the Quick Publish button. After that, follow the instruction in the blue message bar and your new application will appear in a new browser or browster tab.

Tip : It's highly recommended that you back up your application configuration as frequently as possible. See Backing up Your Application for information on how to do this.

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