The term 'skinning' refers to changing the way the application appears and how it is interacted with without actually changing the functionality of the application.

Skinning an application is something that the user normally does in order to customize the look of the application in a way that differs to the standard look provided by the application vendor.

WorkflowFirst allows both the WorkflowFirst Designer and any applications created with WorkflowFirst to be skinned. These skins can be provided as selectable alternatives or replacements for the default look of the application.

Each skin is provided as an HTML template file. Any content that can be rendered by the target browser can be utilized in the HTML template to customize the way the entire page, or any portion thereof.

Note : This is different from the 'custom views' that we discussed earlier. The skin affects the entire site, whereas a custom view is just a replacement view for a specific record or field displayed within the page.

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