Disabling All User Editing

Sometimes certain parts of the database should only be managed by the system, and users shouldn't be able to create, update or delete items in a list. An audit trail log is an example of this.

Rather than settings special permissions for everybody for that area, WorkflowFirst provides the ability to disable certain aspects of editing for anyone using that area of the database.

This is controlled through the Flags drilldown of a field. The three flags, Disallow User Create, Disallow User Update and Disallow User Delete can be applied to stop users from creating new records, updating existing records and/or deleting existing records. Apply any combination of these flags to dictate what functionality will be available to your users.

While this disables user-interface features, it still allows scripts to modify that section of the database. You may decide, for example, to enforce special forms for inserting, updating or even deleting items. You can then create special actions with their own input forms that have simple scripts to insert, update or delete records in that area.