Creating User Groups

User groups consist of a list of users that share some common responsibility or role within the system. Users can belong to multiple user groups, or they can belong to no user group at all.

User groups are used in the workflow operations such as the Approval Workflow ( Approval Workflow ) or Document Review ( Document Review and Routing ).

How the user group is selected depends on the governance of the user group, and this is discussed in more detail in Setting Governance

To create a new user group, go to the Configuration tab, and in the configuration record drill down to 'User Group'. When you're there, click 'Create New':

The Name field holds the name of the user group, which should be fairly short but can contain spaces.

The Locked field is used for data synchronization and will be discussed in a later section.

You can then click the 'add a new User List record' to start adding the user references to the user group.

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