Creating Users

Except for the admin login, the login process validates the login name and password against the information held in the user table in the application itself. The list of users isn't changed at design time, it's managed entirely from within the application itself. All WorkflowFirst applications have a user table, and this is accessed through the 'User' tab at the top of the application:

Once you are on the User tab, click 'Create New' to add a new user.

Note: It should go without saying that you will need to be logged-in with a user that has sufficient permissions to update the user table. The admin login is useful for this.

The user entry form will look something like this:

The following fields can be entered:

Full Name

This is the full name of the user, as it should be displayed in emails for example.


Specifies the email address used to contact this user.

Login Name

This is the login name that the user will need to enter into the login page to access the application. The login name should not contain spaces.


Specifies the password the user will enter to access the application.

Note : When this field is edited, the previous value is blanked out for security reasons. Also the value of this field is not transmitted in emails.

Language Code

Optionally specify the default language code this user prefers. This controls the default language that will be activated when this user logs into the application.


Optionally specify any notes about this user or specific login (eg. to indicate a temporary account).

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