Help System


An integrated help system is an essential part of any application, both for helping new users learn to use the system, and also for reference purpose for more seasoned users.

WorkflowFirst makes it an easy process to add a comprehensive help system to your applications.

In most development platforms adding help is a complicated process, involving using third-party tools and complex programming. However for WorkflowFirst the help designer is in-built and can be added and edited right from within the browser.

The help system in WorkflowFirst is dynamic and provides help pages that relate to the active context: for example if you're viewing a user record the help page available will tell you about the user record, how to edit the user record, what the fields mean and what actions and reports are available to you.

Developing the help system can be done piecemeal, with help pages added for specific aspects of the application when and if they're needed.

Figure 76: Example of a help page in WorkflowFirst

Another way to add help pages to your application is using the Tutorials feature, which provides a more interactive way to train your users.

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