The WorkflowFirst Web Interface

Now that you're accessing WorkflowFirst, you'll be presented with the main screen:

The main screen shows you a list of all of the applications you have created on your system. You will also see the sample applications that you've installed and if you're using WorkflowFirst on a network, you may also see applications created by other users.

Before we get started with creating a new application, it's worth taking a minute to get familiar with the different aspects of the web interface.

This same interface is adopted across all WorkflowFirst applications, so getting familiar with the concepts, where they're located and how they're used, will be critical in visualizing your application. This will help tremendously during the design process.

There are several different sections we'll discuss.

Note: While WorkflowFirst generates a user interface for you, you can override or even replace these automatically generated pages. See the section on Web Mode for more details.

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