Accessing WorkflowFirst

A Brief Tour of WorkflowFirst Launcher

Once WorkflowFirst Launcher (previously RiaForm OfficeSuite) is installed, you will need to run the WorkflowFirst Launcher application. Once that is running you will be presented with a screen similar to this:

This launcher application is effectively the server, and oversees WorkflowFirst and its applications that are running on your machine.

Web-browsers usually access web-servers that run on the Internet, but because WorkflowFirst is for creating web applications on your own machine or network, WorkflowFirst Launcher runs the web-server on your local machine, allowing you to access it from the browser as if you're accessing an Internet web-site.

Note : WorkflowFirst, along with all the applications it creates, can be accessed from all major Internet browsers.

This Launcher application manages all of the applications that you have created, providing a portal for quickly accessing them.

After you have created your application, you will need to make sure that Launcher is running in order to use the application. That's only the case if you're not using Microsoft IIS to host your application, but we'll discuss that in a later section.

You probably won't use the Launcher application directly, and may end up just minimizing it once you're comfortable bringing up the browser and finding your way around WorkflowFirst. But to get started you can click the WorkflowFirst Designer application icon. This will bring up a browser pointing to the following URL:


Assuming everything is installed correctly, that will take you to the main screen in WorkflowFirst. The web server 'localhost' always refers to the machine on which you're working, and by default WorkflowFirst Express runs on port 90.

Advanced : For advanced users, you can also right click an application icon in the monitor window and select 'Debug...'. This will launch a debugger and attach to the specified application's DbfServer instance. This may be useful if you have a plugin installed in your application as you can set breakpoints and trace through your code.

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