Enterprise Features


The 'Enterprise Features' of WorkflowFirst refer to the features that are useful, if not critical, to line-of-business applications. These features are focused on day-to-day operational requirements of businesses to quickly enable common workflow procedures, for example, add collaborative or other community oriented features, or perhaps show different charts with minimal effort. However many of the features could be useful for any type of application.

Most of the features in this category have been put into a special section under a field definition called 'Features'.

Each of these features provide a wealth of functionality with what is often just a single click. When designing the application, you can set these features on or off, and when you republish the application, the functionality will be made available automatically.

Also keep in mind that these features can be enabled anywhere in the data model, even in an area of the database that is buried several levels deep.

This section will go through these features and explain what they can do, how they work, and how they can be configured so you can make the most of them in your own line-of-business applications.

Warning! Once you have published your application with features enabled, and information was entered into the feature-related structures, when you switch that feature off and publish the application any data you entered relating to that feature will be deleted, and cannot be recovered unless the database is first backed up. Use the feature list with caution!