About Licensing

Express Edition

WorkflowFirst Express is intended for trial use or for small teams with basic workflow. The licensing model for WorkflowFirst Express is quite flexible. The base license for WorkflowFirst Express and the applications it creates is free of cost.

This base license provides 1 administrator account with complete access, any number of casual user accounts which can start workflow, and 3 power user accounts that can approve workflow. The power user accounts can also be shared among multiple users and applications on the same server.

For cases where you need additional power user accounts for the Express edition, they can be purchased separately. There are links within the application for purchasing these licenses if they are required.

Professional Edition

In addition, there are various other licenses available including an unlimited site license which allows the use of large scale development using Microsoft SQL Server or MongoDB with WorkflowFirst Professional. There is also a hosted license, through WorkflowFirst Hosted, which allows you to host and resell WorkflowFirst through a subscription model. For information on pricing for these editions, please contact us.

Note: The casual user restriction also applies to running actions on data records that were not created by the user running the action. If you expect users to be collaborating on individual records (not including sub-records), those users will need to have power user licenses.

Please contact WorkflowFirst LLC for more information about licensing. For technical information about how the licensing works, please see this.

To download the license agreement, please click here.

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