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Recent Updates

  • Parallel Workflow
    Parallel Workflow

    15 Feb 19 - There may be times when you want different stages to be processed simultaneously, rather than waiting for each stage to complete before the next is processed. WorkflowFirst has support for this through the role settings on each substage. If substages have... (read more...)

  • Integration with MS SharePoint
    Integration with MS SharePoint

    13 Feb 19 - Can WorkflowFirst integrate with MS SharePoint? Staff Response: While we don't offer SharePoint integration directly (people often use WorkflowFirst to replace SharePoint, rather than integrate with it), WorkflowFirst does allow you to integrate with othe... (read more...)

  • 4.2 Release
    4.2 Release

    03 Feb 19 - WorkflowFirst v4.2 Release Notes Date: October 29th, 2018 Hotfix ID: wff42 Installation Instructions: HereGeneral Fixed an issue where the Title Override for a dropdown field wouldn’t be applied if the field used a DbfScript Link. An issue was fixed where... (read more...)

  • Validation

    24 Jan 19 - Validating data is an extremely important aspect of developing a business application. While there are several built-in means of validating data, such as setting a field as "Mandatory", or the data type of the field, you can also implement more advanced v... (read more...)

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